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Established in 1974, the Historical Society of South Australia comprises people with an interest in history, professional historians, and academics – all of whom come together to share and learn about South Australia’s
fascinating history.


(a) to arouse interest in and to promote the study and discussion of history, especially South Australian and Australian history.
(b) to promote the collection, preservation and classification of source material of all kinds relating to South Australian and Australian history.
(c) to publish historical records and articles.
(d) to promote the interchange of information among members of the Society by lectures, readings, discussions, field trips and exhibitions.
(e) to cooperate with similar societies throughout Australia.
(f) to do all such things as are conducive or incidental to the attainment of any of the above objects.

The Council:
The HSSA Council is the committee responsible for coordinating all of the activities of the Society. Its members are elected annually at the AGM. Additional members may be co-opted from time to time. The Council meets bi-monthly, on the first Thursday after the Lecture meetings, at the home of the President. New Council members are always welcome. Enquiries should be directed to the Secretary.

HSSA Council

HSSA Council 2016
Standing: Anthea Buxton (Secretary), Colin Deed (Meetings Coordinator), Margaret Cliff (Supper/ Coordinator), Adrian Brown (Vice-President) and Geoffrey Bishop(History Council Rep)
Seated:  Andrew Buxton (President) and Anne Bowman (Treasurer)
Absent: Patricia Sumerling (Program Coordinator) and Pamela Rajkowski (Tours)

Past Presidents

Contact the Society:
Email: secretary@hssa.org.au
The Historical Society of South Australia Inc
PO Box 519
Kent Town  5071
South Australia
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