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Journal Subject Index 1975-2014

An index to articles which have appeared in the Journal of the Historical Society of South Australia from 1975 to 2014 (Nos 1 to 42) compiled by Brian Samuels (PDF 305 kB).

Newsletter Subject Index 1974-1992
An index to articles which have appeared in the Newsletter of the Historical Society of South Australia from 1974 to 1992 (Nos 1 to 100) compiled by Brian Samuels (PDF 727 kB).

Early Descriptions of South Australia
A list of 19th century sources compiled by Brian Samuels to assist authors and researchers to locate useful background material on South Australia (PDF 73 kB).

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Useful websites for SA history enthusiasts

Adelaidia (History Trust of SA)

Adelaidia was and is being further developed by History Trust of SA. In the words of its About page, ‘Adelaidia is an interactive way of engaging with the history of our city to find out about, and engage with, the history of our city. This site … is built on stories of the city’s people, places and events, the city streets and the buildings and monuments that line them, and the events that enliven them. It is also about the communities and organisations that have shaped the city and the broader historical subjects that help us make sense of the past and the present.’ Its resources include entries (some revised by the original authors) from the Wakefield Companion to South Australian History (Wakefield Press, 2001) and biographies from SA’s Greats (Historical Society of SA, 2001). http://adelaidia.sa.gov.au/


Adelaidia home page

SA Memory (State Library SA)

The home page of this State Library of South Australia website says that ‘SA Memory is an online gateway to South Australian history, heritage and culture. This multimedia website focuses on the South Australian experience - what makes South Australia unique. SA Memory illustrates and interprets themes to highlight South Australia's people, places, issues and events from the colony's beginnings to contemporary times’.


You can also get involved. My SA Memory allows you to gather together selected resources from SA Memory's digital collections into a personal folder to view immediately and in the future while Your story allows you to upload a story and image related to a particular theme.


SA Memory home page

SA History Hub (History Trust of SA)

Another History Trust of SA initiative, the Hub’s About page says ‘the SA History Hub is an interactive way of engaging with the history of our state. This site is built on stories of South Australia's people, places and events, the city streets and the buildings and monuments that line them, and the events that enliven them … The SA History Hub is a work in progress and will grow over time as we, and you, contribute more about South Australia. It aims to become a comprehensive and multifaceted history that reflects South Australia in all its complexity and richness’.



SA History Hub logo

South Australian Heritage Database

This database provides an up-to-date listing of both State Heritage Places created under the Heritage Places Act 1993 and Local Heritage Places and State Heritage Areas created under the Development Act 1993. http://maps.sa.gov.au/heritagesearch/HeritageSearchLocation.aspx Some State Heritage listings include statements of heritage significance that provide a useful summary of a place’s importance. Further information about the management of heritage is available on this web page http://www.environment.sa.gov.au/our-places/Heritage and via the links on its left hand side.


Holder Pumping Station 1895
Holder Village Settlement Pumping Station, River Murray, 1895
[State Library SA B5017]

Organisations Directory

This site is managed by the History Trust of SA and provides profiles of South Australian community museums and historical organisations.



SA Newspaper Pen-names

Pen-names of South Australian cartoonists and journalists.



The photograph (right) – signed "yours impulsively" – is of Spencer Skipper who wrote under the name "Hugh Kalyptus".


Mention in "The News" on Saturday that the name'"Hugh Kalyptus" was inscribed on a tombstone at West Terrace Cemetery puzzled some readers. A friend has cleared up the mystery. He says that it was the pen name of a very versatile journalist, who, at the end of last century ran a column in an Adelaide weekly headed "Echoes and Re Echoes" ... For 25 years he conducted the column, to which he contributed humorous and satirical writings and light verse.

At one time he was shipping reporter at Semaphore, with the noted Richard Jagoe, who was known as the "Sandhill Savage," and together they boarded many windjammers, the crews of which had good stories to tell. Mr. Skipper, who also used the penname of "Uno Hoo," was dramatic and art critic as well.

["Passing By" by Mr Pim, The News, 1 September 1942, p2i]

[Photo: State Library SA B16264]


Spencer J Skipper

Digitised South Australian Newspapers

The National Library of Australia's wonderful web portal Trove, amongst many other services, provides free access to over 100 digitised SA newspapers. The advanced search option http://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/search?adv=Y is especially valuable, allowing you to specify date ranges, the specific papers you want to search, and much more.

Discovering South Australia's History

The Discover South Australia's History site was created by the Professional Historians Association (SA) to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the establishment of South Australia in 2011. It comprises entries written by members of the PHA (SA). Many of these entries have never appeared in public before, while others are reproduced because the original item is now out of print or not otherwise digitised. All are focussed on the history of South Australia. They vary in length from paragraph entries to substantial essays, chapters and reports.


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